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Police Charge Women with Newark Robberies

Police in Newark are reporting that members of its 2nd Detective Bureau and the Narcotics Enforcement Team arrested three adults and two juveniles wanted in connection with several robberies in the city’s North Ward.

According to a statement released by Newark Police Director Anthony Ambrose, on November 20th, there were two robberies in the 2nd Precinct on Broadway that occurred minutes apart.

Director Ambrose said Surveillance video-assisted the police with identifying the suspects as three males and three females.

According to Director Ambrose, an alert 2nd Squad detective, on his way to work, observed two males fitting the description and wearing clothing that matched the description of the suspects wanted for the robberies.

With the help of the 2nd Precinct Narcotics Enforcement Team, police were able to capture and arrest the males, both juveniles, and charge them with robbery and conspiracy Director Ambrose said.

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